Samsung Galaxy M51 full review

When you think of a Samsung phone, a battery champion is probably not what comes to mind. That may be about to change though, with the new Galaxy M51, which has an insane 7000 mAh battery! Just how good is the battery life here, and what else does this midranger have to offer in terms of build and screen quality, performance, and camera image quality.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Design and build
0:54 6.7” Super AMOLED Plus screen
1:29 Audio speaker test, headphone jack
1:58 Battery (7000mAh) life and charging
2:30 Snapdragon 730G performance
2:55 Software and UI
3:19 Storage options
3:27 Side mounted fingerprint scanner/power button
3:38 Camera specs
3:49 Daylight photos image quality
4:54 Low light photos image quality
5:39 Selfie camera
5:56 Video quality
6:31 Conclusion

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