Samsung Galaxy A55 vs Galaxy A54: More differences than expected

Samsung has really tricked out this year’s A55, and it’s got a few meaningful upgrades over the A55 – some less visible than others. Check out this HEAD-TO-HEAD for the COMPLETE BREAKDOWN of how these two phones compare in terms of screen quality, battery life and charging speed, chipset performance, and camera image quality, all based on our extensive reviews.

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▶ Check out the full Samsung Galaxy A54 specs

▶ Check out the full Samsung Galaxy A55 specs

▶ Our new Active use score for battery life is explained here:

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Design differences
01:07 – Screen specs, quality and features
01:31 – Stereo speakers quality
01:40 – Chipset & Hardware
02:07 – Battery life and charging test
02:31 – User interface
02:52 – Camera specs
03:11 – Photo and video quality
04:40 – Conclusion

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